Freeware OH-58D Kiowa for X-Plane

And the OH-58D made it into X-Plane. Developer KarlL has just released the Kiowa Warrior for the sim. As he says, “get ready for a different helicopter”.

This should be an interesting helicopter for many reasons. Not only because it’s a freeware helicopter (we like free stuff, right?) but also because the Kiowa is a stable platform, making it easier to fly and having the potential of being a great gateway for new helicopter pilots.

But don’t expect a simple machine. This is still a military helicopter and you’ll find the systems quite complex if you start digging into them.

Freeware OH-58D Kiowa for X-PlaneFreeware OH-58D Kiowa for X-Plane

When installing it, please keep in mind that there are some details you should really take into consideration. Basically: RTFM.

Fortunately, Karl made a small list of everything you should take into consideration to make it work properly:

  • If you are using a hardware throttle axis, you must assign "WING SWEEP" instead of "Throttle" in your joystick settings;
  • Create a joystick profile specific for the OH-58D;
  • Set a minimum of 4 Flight Models per Frame (5 is recommended) in your General Settings;
  • Use the regular flight model, not the experimental;
  • Set your Visual Graphics slider (X-Plane Settings, Graphics Tab) to a minimum of HIGH(HDR);
  • Maintain a minimum of 30 frames per second at all times, else lower other settings until 30 FPS is maintained;
  • Requires X-Plane 11.55, previous versions have not been tested.

Once you have these all sorted out, you should be all ready. Enjoy!

Official features list

  • 4K PBR textures
  • Thoroughly animated
  • Fmod sound incorporating real soundtracks
  • All systems customized with SASL
  • Realistic flight model
  • "Training Wheels", optional and adjustable stability for novice helicopter pilots
  • 6 additionnal liveries developed by DarkAngel1010
  • VR Ready
  • Customized button commands available for all "hands-on-controls" functions, and most others