Thomas Röhk H145 for FSX and P3D

The screenshots being released show the model with the old textures, which means no bump maps and materials are assigned/developed yet.

The project includes the total reprogramming of the Helionix avionics systems, for which Thomas needs help (make sure to head out to the forums below and lend him a hand, if you can).

According to Thomas, "Since all animations have to be redefined here, the Helionix Step 1 has to be reprogrammed and 1,000 other things have to be recreated, the project will certainly take several months before it is finished."

Thomas plans to release the EC145 / H145T1 and H145T2.


Source: Flusinews and forums. Thanks to our reader Peer for pointing it out to us.

Thomas Röhk H145 for FSX and P3D Thomas Röhk H145 for FSX and P3D