Freeware Gazelle for X-Plane 11 in public testing

The project is a migration from a X-Plane 10 and it covers the SA342L.

Freeware Gazelle for X-Plane 11

The author directs us to the X-Plane 10 version for instructions, which translate directly to X-Plane 11 as well.

According to the author (which posted on our Facebook group), “It operates in much the same way as the XP10 one, but has a different .acf file I am really looking for handling characteristics testing in XP11.40+ I have XP11 but my machine just won't run it. I can just about use 11.32 but the frame rate is too low to be of any real use and it just takes sooo long for the app to start. 11.40 is not practical with my current, quite old, machine.

If you are interested in helping testing this new version, you can download it from here. Just don’t forget to give the author some feedback!

Freeware Gazelle for X-Plane 11 Freeware Gazelle for X-Plane 11 Freeware Gazelle for X-Plane 11

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