Karl Leclerc free OH-58 Kiowa Warrior for X-Plane 12

The next iteration of the helicopter will bring it to version 3.0.

Kar was part of the circle of developers helping Laminar Research so he managed to be in the loop for all the changes and upgrades and, of course, leveraged that to continuously keep the Kiowa up to date, but also to add a few more goodies to it.

Karl Leclerc free OH-58 Kiowa Warrior for X-Plane 12Karl Leclerc free OH-58 Kiowa Warrior for X-Plane 12

The list of changes is insane. As you can see in the changelog below, Karl went above, beyond, and then some.

Karl Leclerc free OH-58 Kiowa Warrior for X-Plane 12

Release for version 3.0 of the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior is not very far. Karl didn’t want to advance a date but I wouldn’t be surprised if it saw the (renewed, beautifully rendered X-Plane 12) light of day very, very soon.

Karl Leclerc free OH-58 Kiowa Warrior for X-Plane 12

Changelog for the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior for X-Plane 12

  • Made numerous adjustments to the aircraft model and to the code to make it compatible with X-Plane 12 (engine, fuel, xmsn, weight and balance, skids, performance, electricals, weapons, etc)
  • Modified and improved the flight model for X-Plane 12
  • Updated SASL plugin to version 3.14.5
  • Updated to FMOD 2.02
  • Soundtracks remixed for 5.1 Surround Sound (for users so equipped)
  • Improved sounds for skids scraping, sliding, and contacting the ground
  • Improved modeling for main rotor blade slapping
  • Relocated camera higher, in the Mast-Mounted Sight (versus in the nose, which was the only option in XP11)
  • Recalibrated default MFD aiming cues for all distances/zooms for new camera position
  • Added "Second Hat" function to combine Weapons Selection and Display Selection hat functions on a single joystick hat switch
  • Modified all exterior glass modeling to include rain and ice effects
  • Modified Bleed Air functions, added Heater and Defog functions to defrost ice build-up on glass
  • Added new preference menu and persistent system for Kiowa Warrior preferences
  • Made Windscreen snapshot aiming marks user-adjustable by dragging them with the mouse, and persistent/saved in KW preferences
  • Added to KW preference menu the option to reset windshield aiming marks to their default positions
  • Added preference for user-adjustable size of rain drops on windshield, or none, and saved in KW preferences
  • Added Aircraft Survivability Equipment page on the MFD, including BIT (Built-In Test)
  • Completed threat display to include displaying enemy aircrafts, warnings for incoming missile lock, and system test
  • Linked threat display to X-Plane AI enemy aircrafts
  • Added threat warning & missile-related soundtracks in fmod
  • Modified the box around the baro altitude display to be of variable size, depending on number of digits
  • Added in-flight rocket projectiles with deployable fins to weapon animations
  • Added a new version of the Kiowa with Stinger Missiles
  • Added the dual trigger (default, similar to real helo) or Single trigger (simplified) user preference for the Stinger missiles
  • Added 1st Detent and 2nd Detent trigger commands for users equipped with 2-detent-trigger controls
  • Added tracking of airborne targets
  • Modified HSD so that lines from flight plan legs do not get drawn over the waypoint identifiers
  • Moved Training Wheels (User-Adjustable Additional Stability) from the Vent Pull to the Preference Menu, persistent/saved in KW preferences
  • Added Engine Monitoring functions and related MFD page to show max values for 7 key parameters as well as exceedances and their durations
  • Updated all lights to XP12 photometric lights
  • Improved electrical modelling for the MMS and defensive systems
  • Added Co-Pilot avatar and related preferences on menu
  • Updated the simulation manual for X-Plane 12 and documented the new features
  • Fixed rounding bug that could result in slightly different EQ and MQ values being displayed on MFD top line and MPD/VS
  • Fixed bug on trigger animation
  • Fixed bugs where searchlight and NVG Formation Lights stayed on after battery being switched off
  • Fixed a few other unreported bugs