AH-6 Littlebird mod for DCS

It’s great to see when simmers are there for the community. Eagle Dynamics Forum Member nibbylot released something a few days ago that is really exciting.

Not only he created an AH-6J Littlebird for DCS, he also created and released a basic flight model for helicopters which doesn’t require the Ka-50 module! Think of it as a “template for other helicopter mods, as an open source project”, like he puts it.

The choice of the AH-6 as the project to showcase due to the simplicity of the aircraft and its systems.

The flight model may be modified and used on a project as long as credit is due, of course.

List of features

  • Main flight instruments function
  • Working weapon system and cold start with clickable switches
  • Can control from both seats
  • Working RWR
  • Can use M134 minigun and rockets
  • Basic Damage model
  • Basic multicrew (can switch controls but cockpits not synced)

The flight model is not complete, though, and nibbylot also has a list of things that are not quite working:

  • No vortex ring state
  • Lift is not affected by altitude or temperature
  • The flight model is not closely accurate to the real aircraft. Data is based on the OH-6 Cayuse
  • Radio and communications are not functional
  • Many of the engine gauges don't function
  • No pilot model
  • No external texturing (only flat black) and internal textures are basic
  • No GAU-19
  • Probably some of bugs

For more details, check out the original thread on the ED forums.

You can download the AH-6J mod here and the flight model source here.

[Edit: links fixed after our reader kirksunley indicated they were not working. Thank you, Kirk]

AH-6 Littlebird mod for DCSAH-6 Littlebird mod for DCS