Frank Dainese's Matterhorn has been updated

Frank Dainese's Matterhorn was updated yesterday. It brings a set of fixes and corrections, some of which somewhat hindered helicopter operations. Check out what's changed.

Frank Dainese's Matterhorn Park updated

Features and changes

  • Replaces the Helipad of: Breuil-Cervinia (HELBR), Plan Maison (HELPM); Plateau Rosa (HELPR).
  • Improve the light-nighttime of AirZermatt
  • Removes the "ATTR_hard" from the antenna in Cervinia
  • Makes the base of the rif.Teodulo solid
  • Corrects some writing
  • Replaces the 3 dsf (Cervinia , Zermatt and Matterhorn) ... insert all the exclusions to allow the integrations (2 degrees) without the use orthophoto.
  • Fixes in the library the space in "Casa_S.obj" , useful only for those who own MAC OS
  • Corrects some polygons-textures


According to Frank:

The patch contains only the added / modified files. Just copy and replace files in Custom Scenery, where the folders Matterhorn park are located. The paths are already defined ... (Don't delete the original folders)

How to get the update

To get the Matterhorn Park update, you'll need to login at's store. You should find it in your downloads section.

Frank Dainese's Matterhorn Park updated Frank Dainese's Matterhorn Park updated

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