Forestry operations with the UH-1 in DCS - cargo

Eight Ball (that's his community name) has released this great package which allows you to transport logs from the forest to the drop site. In the video above, you can see a custom livery but something that really popped was the sound. Well, fear not. At the video page in YouTube you have a list of everything you need. We are adding it at the bottom too.

Forestry operations with the UH-1 in DCS - drop zone

You will need to install DCS 2.0 if you don't have it already but it's worth it if you're into the non-military side of simming. A very welcome addition.

Where to get Forestry Operations with the UH-1H

Read more about this mod here (you will have a link for download there too).

The UH-1H genuine soundmod by Skullz can be found here.

Evergreen Livery by Upuaut (2nd post, inside the United States spoiler):

You can get the Cargos and Objects adon by Upuaut here.