FlyInside FSX

FlyInside brings VR to FSX and P3D, allowing the use of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in this sim and changing the interface in a way that allows you to interact with the menus as to change aircraft or set up a flight, for example.

They have been working on a version for X-Plane which is reaching beta stage and they are calling for beta testers on their forums:

We've been working on X-Plane support for some time now, and it's finally coming together! We're hoping to start beta testing within the next couple of weeks.

If you use X-Plane (or would like to), have a VR headset, and would like to beta test, please leave a comment with the following info:

1. Which simulator(s) do you use? Are you well experienced with X-Plane?

2. Which X-Plane plugins/add-ons/aircraft do you use, if any?

3. Which headset do you have?

4. Computer specs (CPU, GPU, OS)

Sorry for all of the questions! I want to have a variety of beta testers, ensure hardware/software compatibility, etc. We'll start inviting testers over the next couple of weeks, inviting more over time until the software is ready for public beta.

P.S. Night flight and rain/weather flight are absolutely beautiful in X-Plane+VR. X-Plane really makes the world feel "alive" and it's something to behold.

Considering X-Plane 11 is on its way and there's still no native support, FlyInside may be your best bet in X-Plane for quite some time.