In case you missed, it, FlyInside has been releasing updates on their Bell 47 for Microsoft Flight Simulator which have been fixing issues or improving the helicopter.

On the latest version, FlyInside added the following updates:

  • Altimeter/Kohlsman now matches MSFS Weather and ATC
  • MSFS aileron and elevator bindings are now supported
  • Ident button on transponder now clickable
  • Helicopter now has increased drag when doors are removed
  • Helicopter now affected by updrafts and downdrafts

The team also catered for something that we have been some community members ask for (which is quite useful if you want to turn the governor on and off mid-flight):

  • We now have a bindable button to toggle the governor on and off. As MSFS doesn't have a dedicated gov binding, you'll want to bind the "Master Autopilot" binding to toggle the gov

You can find this and other updates at the official FlyInside updates page.