FlyInside Bell 206 for MSFS

Version 2.06 is out. And, before you start wondering, no, it’s not a whole new version, coming from 1.99. We are used to seeing a version 2 as a whole new product update (sometimes a whole new product at all) but this is not the case.

Version 2.06 just happens to be the version number for the same product. I hope that prevents some confusion.

Like I mentioned before, among a lot of other corrections and improvements (including the removal of the windscreen tint as an option, which some of you asked for), FlyInside corrected the light-on-skids behavior, which should give you better handling while taking off.

In case you don’t have the FlyInside Bell 206 for MSFS, you can get it here.

FlyInside v2.06 features

  • 9 new liveries
  • Greatly improved contact points, light-on-skids behavior
  • Improved interior plastic textures
  • Adds Heli Manager setting for untinted windscreen
  • Engine door mesh now semi-transparent
  • Adds illuminated landing light-bulb to exterior
  • Collective Sensitivity adjustable through Heli Manager
  • Corrected yaw behavior in Easy/Medium modes
  • Twist throttle adjustable via mouse-wheel
  • Corrects twist-throttle label directions
  • Improved door-pocket textures
  • Battery switch now correctly disables panel lighting
  • Corrects HSI visual glitch
  • Adjusts headset scale
  • Attitude indicator mesh corrections