Fly July 2022

A couple of years ago (making this the third year), Orbx started their Fly July initiative where, during the month of, well… July, the company partners with community members and entities to commemorate the passion for flight simulation.

There are always a lot of events going on and, this year, it is wrapping up with our event, a flight over the city of Melbourne, Australia.

This will serve as a way to show their product, the Landmarks Melbourne City Pack for MSFS, fly with community members, and have a live chat with those that join us through YouTube. On and don't forget you can set up a reminder inside YouTube!

Not only that, but you will also have the chance to win prizes!

During the stream we will be giving away, using our chat as the platform, 5 Orbx Products of your choice PLUS 5 Volanta Premium subscriptions (for 6 months).

We will be using Microsoft Flight Simulator, of course, and I will be flying the Hype Performance Group H145, which, as I mentioned recently, has much better flight dynamics, so this is also an opportunity to get some more flight time with it.

I will be using the WESTERN EUROPE server in MSFS and we will be taking off from Esseldon Fields (YMEN), flying around Melbourne, and going back to Esseldon Fields. Or Melbourne International. Or just land wherever we want to!

We are flying helicopters so we don't need runways! Right? The world is my helipad!

The event will take place on Saturday, July 30th at the following time:

  • UTC: 1 PM / 1300
  • London: 2 PM / 1400
  • PST: 6 AM / 1800
  • EST: 9 AM / 0900
  • Tokyo: 10 PM / 2200
  • Australia: 11 PM / 2300

I hope to see you on the flight or during the live chat on YouTube!

Thank you very much to Orbx for inviting me and allowing us to give the community some cool prizes!