FlightSimExpo 2019 Official Hub

Our friends over at FSElite will be hosting the FSEXpo2019 official hub and you can't miss it.

The official hub will provide you with a plethora of information about FSE: check out the full schedule, engage with other simmers on the chat room, and check out the live streams, among other amazing things FSElite has for you.

These are the guys you'll want to check out during the weekend of 8 and 9 of June for all the cool information and live reports.

As for ourselves, well, we'll be present as well and will focus on everything about helicopters, of course (check out our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter)! But, for everything else, the FSElite FSE2019 hub will be your best friend.

The Saturday and Sunday seminars at FlightSimExpo 2019 "are being professionally livestreamed and recorded" which means you should have an extraordinary viewing experience.

You shall be able to watch the live stream for the lecture I'll be giving on Saturday, June 09th, at 1:30PM.