FlightControlReplay integrated with Hype Performance Group (HPG) H145 for MSFS

That’s not the only thing new with the update but, let’s face it, it’s really cool.

To enable the table integration you will need at least build 399, which is only available through Hype Performance Group’s Operations Center at the date this article was published. The latest stable/public version right now is build 340, so keep that in mind.

FlightControlReplay integrated with Hype Performance Group (HPG) H145 for MSFS

To enable it, you’ll have to access the FCR options and click the ’Configure HPG Helis Tablet’ button. Once you do that, restart MSFS and when you get back into the HPG H145, you should see the option in the tablet.

FlightControlReplay integrated with Hype Performance Group (HPG) H145 for MSFS

Other than this, the new update also brings us the following:

Xbox adaptive controller support

This device allows players with reduced mobility to play and control their video games. By adding customized buttons and joysticks, such people can enjoy their hobby with accurate control. For example, you can manage MSFS and FlightControlReplay V5 !

If you configure Slider move Forward or Slider move Backward feature with either Xbox Adaptive Controller, or another standard joystick, and if you keep pressed the button on the device, the slider will now move fast forward or fast backward.

New options replay improvement

Based upon users feedback, I’m also happy to introduce two new features in FlightControlReplay V5:

  • you can activate a new option that makes the Record to start automatically whenever you start a new flight. And the recording sessions also automatically ends when you return to the main menu of Flight Simulator.
  • and a second handy feature is to set Pause to the recording at the same time when you set a pause in Flight Simulator. This way, you can still check something aside during the Live flight, and you always end with a smooth Recording session in the end without noticing that you had to use Pause.

Disability program

(A special thanks to Aaron Greenberg and all Microsoft and XBOX Teams that support this integration) and FlyLillo Comunity

I’ve been already in touch with Flylillo group to create the first virtual cockpit emulation for XBOX Adaptive Controller. The device of Microsoft will be combined with the HUB software manager Logitech G to help disabled persons for a better experience in flight simming hobby.

That’s a separate and new project, out of FCR scope, but we are trying to find money (with Microsoft and an Italian bank) to fund this inclusive project.

Microsoft officially supports this action, and recently communicated about it with one of their public post about Community Spotlight: Lillo and Roberto - Microsoft Flight Simulator

“Accessibility is one of the core values at Microsoft”, read more about it here.

FlightControlReplay is also offering a rebate for owners of the older 4.5 version:

Ensure to get the latest Replay refinements, performance, and the widest selection of airliner add-ons compatibility : Upgrade your current version 4.5 if your are still using it for MSFS or P3D5.

For more accuracy, a better look, get today the new version 5 and take advantage of the reduced price specially set for you, only EUR 8,25 (+tax).

You can get FlightControlReplay at SimMarket.