FlightControlReplay 5 for MSFS and P3D

Since its release, Microsoft Flight Simulator users have been asking about a (good) replay utility. Fortunately, FlightControlReplay (FCR for shorts) has been out for some time, for other sims and the developer brought it to MSFS.

Version 5 is not out, and it builds on its previous version by adding a few new (and cool) features that not only improves the integration with Microsoft Flight Simulator, it also brings a new, cool “ghost mode”.

FlightControlReplay 5 for MSFS and P3D

The UI was also improved and revamped, offering a better user experience.

You can get FlightControlReplay 5 at SimMarket.

Official features list

  • Replay and Record MP4 Video
  • Crash-to-Desktop Recovery, restart from the last known position
  • Re-Live resume live flight from any instant in the past during Replay
  • PlayAsAI Formation Flying, simulate multiple ghosts flying at the same time
  • VR Support with FCR user interface display in VR
  • Follow and Record AI Traffic, or PlayAsAI generated aircraft
  • Camera Movements Record and Replay, to create advanced camera path and apply it to your
  • flight Replays
  • Camera Controls Override (MSFS only)
  • Take / Leave Aircraft Control Toggle, leave your main aircraft and take over an AI to fly it
  • Aircraft Gear position and/or altitude offset enforced during Replay
  • KML File Import (MSFS only)
  • XMapsy support
  • Microsoft "Surface Dial Integration"
  • FlightIllusion "GSA-42 integration" compass hardware module support
  • DOFREALITY Motion platform support

New in version 5

  • New User Interface 2022
  • Customizable Size and Transparency
  • PMDG 737 + Fenix A320 Support in MSFS
  • Integration in MSFS Toolbar for in-game launch and control
  • Automatic cameras switch for cinematic replay
  • Live Ghost : formation flying live with one AI duet MSFS
  • Next gen memory management
  • Touchdown and landing speed report