FJMAero Bell 47 for X-Plane

The Bell 47 is one of those helicopters that we really don’t think much about it until we realize we can fly it in our favorite sim. I know that because I am guilty of doing just that.

From “meh, it’s really old and kind clunky-looking” I went to “oh but I really need to try it” a few years ago in old FSX. And, more recently, on MSFS.

When I saw FJMAero’s post on the .org forums, I had the exact same feeling as they announced they are developing “an affordable payware Bell 47-G2 for X-Plane”. I want to try that!

FJMAero Bell 47 for X-Plane FJMAero Bell 47 for X-Plane

Of course, as you can see from the images, they are still very, very early in the development stage, but the 3D model is already quite complete.

According to FJMAero, the helicopter will feature “the wide bubble cockpit, and planned features include optional (removable) carry racks for rescue/medevac missions”, which is, obviously, what everyone asks for, right?

We will obviously keep you on the loop as we get more information and updates from the team.

Who’s up for this nice, good old classic whirlybird?