The team published a list of changes from the base model for their v1.0 of the EC-130:

  • The FDM has been re tuned to better represent the flight behaviour of the EC130. It is more like the AS350 now.
  • The Garmin now has function.
  • Added Rain on Glass effects.
  • Added Rotorwash on grass effects.
  • Some sounds have been altered.
  • Multiplayer sound added.
  • Canvas VMED.
  • Fixed a bug in the Startup procedure.
  • Fixed an MP bug that would kill any other EC130 over Multiplayer when you spawn in.

FGUK also indicates that you should be aware that this model can only be started manually as autostart is non-functional.

EC-130/H-130 FGUK Edition for FlightGearEC-130/H-130 FGUK Edition for FlightGear