The event will be a scenic/cruise one that will challenge you and your helicopter since most of the action will happen above 7000 feet.

So, folks, bring your hot clothing, nerves of steel and have fun with this sim that sees so little love from the community.

Here's some more info, directly from the guys at FGUK:

We'll meet in front of the Tower at SEQM at 2000 UTC. Bring a helicopter of your choice remembering that all of the airports we will be flying in and out of are above 7000' - 9000' and we'll be flying up to 14000' at times and maintaining a cruise speed of around 110 KIAS. Basically we will be flying South following I35 South thru the very heart of Volcano Alley and past a number of dormant volcano's.

We'll be passing Chimborazo - peak elevation 20,600' and other significant mountains.


At final destination SECU/Mariscal Lamar we'll be landing in front of the steel shelters. Take off at SEQM/Mariscal Sucre is 7800'.

Check out the event page here.