Facebook Group - 2,000 members

Facebook groups are a great way for like-minded people to gather around a common topic, share their thoughts, ideas and learn with each other.

Some months ago, after a few of our readers suggested it, we have started our own Facebook group. It has been an incredible ride, with people with all sorts of backgrounds -- from the exclusively simmer to the real pilot that uses sims as a tool to hone their skills, learn procedures or simply have fun.

The group has been slowly growing over time. More and more people have joined us and we have tried to keep it a tidy, comfortable place where everyone can feel comfortable about asking questions. That's very important if you want to keep a community alive and provide it with everything you think it's important. It's all about the community so we need to do our best to keep it flowing.

We don't usually care about numbers. It's not about how many people we have in the group but how well we can serve them. Today, though, we'll make it a bit about the numbers.

You see, we just hit 2.000 members. That's a pretty cool milestone! But it would be a meaningless milestone if we had a huge group with no content and that content is brought to everyone, by you!

We have to thank you all, our group members, for the opportunity you gave us by allowing us to steer this community and for sharing all your cool helicopter flight simulation stuff. We appreciate your input, feedback, posts, shares, screenshots, ideas and everything else you bring to our group and to this community. To our community!

Let's hope we keep on growing but, above all, let's hope our content and interaction between members keeps on growing.

Thank you all!

Now go visit our Facebook Group, participate, share, ask away. That's why we're there for!