According to Eagle Dynamics, the new Huey engine model should be available soon (2 more weeks?) and the company is asking for feedback once it’s out.

The changes are being made to better reflect real world operations. The Huey has been plagued with some problems, especially at high altitudes/high temperatures and the corrections should solve those.

You can see Eagle Dynamic’s full report on this and other things on their website, but here is the section that corresponds to the helicopter changes:

New engine modelling methods have been in progress during development of the Mi-24P and AH-64D modules. The new UH-1H engine model was in many ways a test bed for the methods we then used in the AH-64D engines model. We’ve been gathering feedback about DCS: UH-1H over the years, and thanks to our forum users; Piston85, Ramsay and others, we have pinpointed changes to make for new engine model development. We are now finishing the deployment of the new engine model to UH-1H and are eager to let you try it. Please make sure to give us your feedback.

The new model represents fine tuning to address the following:

  • Some of the old engine model parameters did not match with their real counterpart, especially in transient regimes.
  • We wanted to improve temperature regime compliance to match the real world counterpart. This includes EGT other engine parameters based on altitude and outside temperature changes.
  • We wanted to improve the modelling of mechanics to include a new model that accounts for the connection of the free turbine and main rotor.
  • The new model has allowed us to improve details of the start-up and shutdown procedures that leverage the expanded modelling of compressors and free turbine.

UH-1H for DCS - Gauges (autorotation)

This image shows that we are now accurately modelling auto-rotation situation readings on the tachometer. The real aircraft dial is on the left and the DCS: UH-1H Huey dial on the right.