Eagle Dynamics Development Report on the Mi-24 Hind for DCS

The company released new information about the Hind in the form of a list with several key points and milestones of the project.

Mi-24 Hind for DCS

As you can see on the list below, there are already quite a few important parts of the project finished or well underway.

Eagle Dynamics has not indicated a date of release yet but the whole project seems a bit more advanced than a lot of us thought it would be.


  • The cockpit model: Aft Crew Station and Front Crew Station - 100% completed
  • Animated cockpit objects: Aft Crew Station - 100%, Front Crew Station - WIP (40%)
  • The external 3D model - 100%
  • Animation of external model objects - 70%
  • The flight model is complete now and will undergo fine tuning
  • Power plant - 100%

Helicopter Systems

  • Completed Electrical Power Supply System - 100%
  • Fuel System - 80%
  • Hydraulic System -100%
  • Oil Systems - 80%
  • Anti-Ice System - WIP
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems - 70%
  • Brake system - 100%
  • Air Conditioning System - WIP
  • Lighting System - WIP
  • Flight control system (including SAU-V24) - 80% (WIP - SAU setting)
  • Completed radio communication equipment - 100%
  • Helicopter radio navigation equipment -> 80% (WIP - the map indicator is being revised)
  • Instruments and avionics -> 80% (WIP - connection of operator's cockpit objects)

Armament and Weapon control

  • Sight ASP-17V and Analog-Digital Computing Device (AСVU), AUTO and Manual modes - completed
  • Pilot weapon control panel (PUVL) - completed
  • Built-in cannon and mounts (30 mm, GSh-2-30) - completed (with all fire modes)
  • Universal gun or grenade launcher container systems (GUV-1) - completed
  • Bombing munitions and racks - completed
  • Guided weapons (9K113 Guided Missile System with 9M114 or 9M120 missiles) - WIP
  • PKI operator's sight - WIP
  • Rockets
    • UB-32 rocket launchers with S-5 rockets - completed
    • B8V20A rocket launchers with S-8 rockets - completed
    • B-13L rocket launchers with S-13 rockets - completed
    • APU-68UM3 rocket launcher with S-24B rocket - completed
  • The RWR SPO-10 is under development
  • The crew AI (pilot /co-pilot) is currently WIP

Mi-24 Hind for DCS Mi-24 Hind for DCS Mi-24 Hind for DCS Mi-24 Hind for DCS

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