Eagle Dynamics announced free map for DCS: Marianas Islands

DCS is getting a new 400km x 400km region, for free, with carrier operations in mind.

The company has announced today that the Marianas Island region, “with the option to expand further in the future”.

The map will include 6 islands: Guam, Saipan, Tinian, Rota, Farallon de Medinilla and Aguijan with quite a few features and all using Eagle Dynamics’ latest map and graphics technologies.

Main features:

  • A very large ocean area with a few islands. Ideal for carrier operations.
  • Islands that are situated such that airfields have natural red, blue, and contested locations.
  • Home to at least one modern-day USAF base.
  • Feasible for US, Russia, and China operations in the Pacific.
  • Take advantage of the Chinese Assets Pack.

Check out the screenshots below and, if you haven’t got it already, the newsletter with the full announcement here.

Marianas Islands for DCS Marianas Islands for DCS Marianas Islands for DCS Marianas Islands for DCS Marianas Islands for DCS Marianas Islands for DCS

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