While not a terribly exciting breakthrough, it’s quite nice to see it working and how well it seems to integrate, not being too distracting, which is very important, of course. Hopefully, it will work seamlessly in VR as well. Can you imagine replicating those shots using your head in the sim?

Here’s the video description which is pretty much what is being said in-camera as well:

The IHADSS, or Integrated Helmet and Designation and Sighting System, includes a monocle that sites over the right eye of the pilot and co-pilot gunner. There are four IHADSS modes: cruise, transition, hover and bob-up, each with associated flight, navigation, weapon, sensor, and targeting information that follows the crew member’s line of sight.

The Modernized Pilot Night Vision System, or M-PNVS, can also be projected to the monocle for thermal night vision along the pilot’s line of sight.