Yes, we are all waiting for the AS350, but DreamFoil creations doesn’t like to leave things half done. Therefore, they are working on bringing some fixes, tweaks and small updates to the S300CBi before moving on to the more complex model.

DreamFoil expects to release an update within the next few days and they have sent us a list of features that are already being implemented. This is not a closed list and some other items may or not be added.

Version 1.15 designed for X-Plane 11.41r1 & Vulkan compatible:

  • Implemented a simple co-pilot to hold your attitude during cruise
  • Fixed AMP meter going to -70 after shutdown
  • Fixed yaw string displaying out of trim when shouldn't
  • Reverted airfoils back to wind-tunnel data, something went messy here
  • Aux tank now changes the fuel quantity gauge to 64 gallons when installed
  • Changed tail rotor authority (once again)
  • Added yaw string height adjustment
  • Added compass lubber line
  • Fixed VR ergonomic yoke with inverted axis
  • Fixed rigid cruise not working
  • Fixed engine dying when rolling throttle to idle
  • Tail strike now does not cause tail rotor failure
  • Added missing wheels deploy manipulator for VR
  • Slightly increase to windshield tinting
  • Improved VRAM usage with better balanced texture resolutions
  • SmartMenu added color change to indicate when total weight is over maximum allowed
  • SmartMenu now display arrow cursor when hovering over menus
  • SmartMenu added keyboard capability for sliders value changing