DreamFoil Creations S300CBi for X-Plane

In fact, you could call it more of an upgrade.

The X-Plane 11 update will not only come with some better panel texturing, some new iconology to detect hotspots better (so we know how to tie-down the rotor, rotate the tail rotor, etc.) but it will also come with a new version: crop duster.

DreamFoil Creations S300CBi for X-Plane

The screenshots DreamFoil Creations sent us show the model using the particle system to simulate the dusting and the effect is quite nice. This is a cool new feature that will surely make a lot of helicopter pilots out there happy.

Updated for VR

DreamFoil Creations S300CBi for X-Plane

Another thing DreamFoil did was an extensive update to the menu system, making it fully compatible with VR. The menu is now completely visible in VR and much easier to use.

Imminent release

The S300CBi is now being tested by a small internal team and should be released within the next few days.