DreamFoil Creations announces Cabri G2, shows MD-500 and AS350

The prestigious developer of high-quality helicopters for X-Plane surprised us with the announcement of the developmeng of the Cabri G2 and has shown us their progress on this model, the MD-500 and the update for the AS350.

DreamFoil Creations Cabri G2, MD-500, AS350 for X-Plane

The community has asked and DreamFoil is responding. They have reached out to us and let us know about what's coming ahead.

Not only they are hard at work on the upcoming update of their S-300 and AS350, they are also developing 2 new models for X-Plane: the MD-500, which we already knew about, and they have just told us they are developing the Cabri G2 as well.

The Cabri G2 is a very popular, modern trainer that has been asked by the X-Plane community for some time (and which MPDesign Studios has released for FSX/P3D and also announced it for X-Plane). DreamFoil heard the community and they started work on this model as well.

After the release of the update for the AS350, DreamFoil plans on finishing the MD-500 and then the Cabri G2.

There are no set dates for the release of any of the work DreamFoil has currently on their hands. Whatever that may be, though, we can be sure we will be spoiled with a couple of new amazing helicopters.

Sérgio Costa

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