DreamFoil Bell 407 update changelog - you will like it!

DreamFoil has been hard at work updating their models to the latest release. The team came out publicly with the changelog for the DreamFoil Bell 407 update (version 1.02) that brings some amazing VR support.

On a post at the x-plane.org's forums, Fred spills the beans on everything they have workd on for this version. There are a lot of changes, including some amazing flight model ones, as well as VR support.

Check it out:

Bell 407 for X-Plane 11.10 / 11.20 VR1

Version 1.02


- Added hotspots for all seats

- Added cyclic and collective manipulators

- Improved some manipulators axis to give an intuitive and natural movement

- Changed knob manipulators to made possible to spin them with touch controllers

****** SmartMenu still not working on VR! It's not possible to draw or interact with plugins on VR at moment, we need to wait for further VR updates from Laminar ******


- Improved basket objects so they work correctly with fog

- Fixed missing shadow for Ext_5 object

- Airspeed gauge now can go above 140kts (max 165kts)

- Added missing nav light ball mesh on right side (repaints need to fix the missing texture detail)


- Refined turbine TRQ, MGT and NG values

- FADEC now modulate the fuel in order to keep MGT below max during startup

Flight model:

- New airfoils for Main and Tail Rotor

- Improved vertical fin incidence angle & airfoil

- Improved horizontal stabilizer incidence angle & airfoil, this results in a higher fwd cyclic requirement on cruise like real helicopter

- Fixed MR lateral cant angle

- MR Flap hinge is now set to correct position acordingly to maintenance manual

- Plugin tweak for below ETL taxing, helicopter should maintain the altitude at very low airspeeds

- Plugin driven TFE (Transverse Flow Effect)

- Improved TR min/max pitches for more realistic pedal hover and flight conditions

- Corrected MR blade chord size incorrectly set based on feet unit

- Added MR blade twist

- Repositioned all flight elements arms with precision acordingly to maintenance manual

- Adjusted aft and fwd CG limits


- Added Flight-Model Enhancements (ETL, TFE and Landing Gear friction)

- Added option to remove doors

- Removed interaction distance limit


- Controls now transition from normal to stabilized, no more abrupt changes when turning on/off

* SAS light will flash during transition to warn pilot, during this time avoid enabling any SAS feature like heading hold or vertical speed hold

* Transition time is available on global.cfg file, default = 5 seconds

- Improved PID values from vertical speed hold

- Increased altitude hold authority

- HeliSAS now disables if a hydraulic failure is identified

- Frahm damper dynamics are now disabled for hydraulic failure


- Garmin power is now automatically set to ON during aircraft load with engines running

- Fixed ON / OFF commands incorrectly acting as a toggle


- Increased gain and added blade slap volume slider back


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