Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on

The update is quite massive, covering an area of 600 square kilometers (around 230 square miles), south of Cadore and it includes the complete city of Belluno, Mount Schiara, the Belluno Airport (LIDB), the Belluno hospital helipad, the city of Longarone (with a helipad as well), the Vajont Dam, the towns of Casso end Erto as well as several areas surrounding these ones. It’s insane!

The add-on also comes with lots of fixes and improvements:

  • In the area of Agordo all buildings in the city center and surroundings have been repositioned, due to changes in the mesh (Mesh compiler) in the positioning of the SCHIARA 3D.
  • In the Val Zoldana the same problem has been resolved, with the reconstruction and positioning of the buildings, with the addition of helipad for helicopters: HELFZ (ICAO)
  • Also, in the area of the Dobbiaco airport (LIVD) the buildings were slightly raised from the ground were rebuilt and repositioned.
  • Cadore Lake has been perfected and improved
  • In the Bolzano city, the texture of the Duomo has been redone
  • Some trees have been improved / optimized in the Dolomiti_lib library
  • Many orthophoto textures have been corrected, especially in the Belluno area and in the Piave valley.
  • Update of the “apt.dat” file for the Heliports.
  • Forest vegetation has been completed throughout the southern area of grade +46.012.

Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on

In all honesty, the update is so incredible that simply talking about it or showing you screenshots make it no justice.

Frank did an EXCELLENT job in updating this area, adding even more value to a scenery that is absolutely a must-have for any VFR simmer. For us, helicopter simmers, as you could read on our previous review, it’s something that you really should get if you are an X-Plane helicopter pilot. Hands. Down, folks. Hands down.

Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on

The feeling of flying in this region is nothing sort of impressive. Flying by the Vajont Dam (which is pretty close to the Longarone helipad) is so nice and the new pads and airports just add up to the vast number of things you already could do in this region of the world.

That price…

Dolomiti 3D update - Belluno add-on

Look, folks, I know. It’s not cheap. €68,00 for scenery? Sounds like a lot, right?

But here’s the thing: the original Dolomiti 3D comes with 4 airfields and over 40 helipads. This update adds a hospital, a few more helipads, an airfield, and more towns/cities as well as valleys and other places of interest to fly over.

If the base package was already a good deal, even for a price that seems steep, the truth is that you are getting so, so much out of this scenery and you’ll have so much to do, it’s insane.

You can spend hours and hours flying around and doing all kinds of missions: air taxi, SAR, medevac, patrolling, supply delivery, long like work, you name it, it’s possible (well, you won’t be able to do any offshore work, though).

Read the friggin’ manual

Do it BEFORE you get the update. It’s freely available here and you’ll have all the details on the update there.

Where to get Dolomiti 3D and the update

You can purchase Dolomity 3D here.