DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 is out

May 18, 2017 | by Sérgio Costa

An update for another one of the favorite helicopters for X-Plane is out. You can now get the DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11. See what's new!

DMO didn't just update the textures and fixed the bugs that this model had in X-Plane 11. Here's the full list of

  • the air driven engine starter is updated with a strength ratio that will successfully get the main engines running
  • the new FMS is incorporated
  • the search and rescue and CH-148 variants have a functional video display at the control console in the cabin as well as an animated camera gimbal that responds to the control knobs
  • added recessed button detail to the power lever
  • corrected cargo compartment light so that it doesn't spill light outside when the ramp is closed
  • removed the extraneous APU exhaust on the right hand side
  • added new shader maps to include metallic/reflective material properties (requires HDR)
  • added reflective properties to glass materials (also requires HDR)
  • added wreckage model for destructive impacts (functions in the Offshore and VIP variants, initially)
  • converted the 2D panel view to a hover friendly view, which allows us to tilt our focus downwards from the horizon
  • created a rudimentary plugin to increase the strength of the rotor brake
  • tweaked the engine settings to lower the rotor speed at engine idle

Screenshots for the DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11

DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11 DMO S-92 for X-Plane 11

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