Remember the H60 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator? Well, it’s going and going. The team already found a few pilots willing to help so there is some progress, but the team still needs a hand. Destroyer121 told us they are still in need of coders that can jump in and help make this project a reality. Or, better yet, a better reality since the helicopter already exists in the sim.

Destroyer121 UH-60 Black Hawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Destroyer121 has sent us a list of what is coming on the next update and the list is big. Huge, really, with a lot of parts redone and reworked, improved sounds (you can check out the new startup sounds in the video above), and lighting.

Here is the list of what’s coming next on the project:

  • Redid external
    • Rotor model remade
    • Added cyclic animation
    • Re-did main fuselage, no more shading errors
    • Re-did exhaust model, implemented UES
    • Added slime lighting
    • Rotor model remade
    • Gear model/animation re-made
    • Glass models/textures improved
    • Re-did external stores
    • Re-did refueling probe, able to extend with controls from cockpit
    • Cockpit doors, machine gun, rear doors able to be hidden/shown
    • Added down-wash effects
  • Redid internal
    • Machine gun added, animation added
    • Cockpit shell re-done
    • Rotor model remade
    • PCL animations improved
    • External power now operational
    • Tweaked panel textures
    • Windshield wipers operational
    • Tweaked engine fire test logic
    • Implemented pilot/co-pilot chest shields
    • Cabin model improved
    • Pilot/copilot door models improved
  • Redid sounds
    • Startup sound re-did
    • Rotor sounds improved, has different "stages"
    • Door sounds added
    • Machine gun sound effect now plays when shooting
    • Wiper sounds added
    • Engine fire warning sound added
    • APU sound effect added (APU functionality inop)
  • Redid lighting
    • Beacon lighting improved
    • Cockpit lighting improved

Destroyer121 hasn’t provided a timeline for the project, as it’s depending on a lot of factors (and these folks are not working on it full-time, of course) but he is hoping (don’t take it as a fact) to release the new version within the next month or so.

Destroyer121 UH-60 Black Hawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Again, as a reminder, you can download the last stable version here and you can follow the project more closely, and contact Destroyer121 on his Discord server.

Destroyer121 UH-60 Black Hawk for Microsoft Flight SimulatorDestroyer121 UH-60 Black Hawk for Microsoft Flight SimulatorDestroyer121 UH-60 Black Hawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator