Delta-Hotel Simulations EC-135 for P3D

The team recently showcased 3 new screenshots of their upcoming project for P3D which, if you remember, aims to be a very realistic product. In fact, according to the team, they want it to be what is usually called a "study-level" addon for Prepar3D.

Now, while we realize that P3D is not exactly the most accurate platform for helicopters, we have seen very innovative solutions such as the ones followed by Dodosim and HTR. I am very curious to see what the team will come out with and what they will do to make this the project they are ambitiously trying to develop.

The DH EC-135 is being developed for P3D v4 with "toned down" versions for P3D v3 as well as FSX: SE.

Again, there's no release date as this is not something they are doing full-time so, we'll have to be patient and see what these folks will come up with.

Delta-Hotel Simulations EC-135 for P3D Delta-Hotel Simulations EC-135 for P3D