One of the most awaited changes in the Huey has been the new engine simulation, which should solve a lot of the issues found in the past, including performance at high-altitude/high temperatures. This is a problem added when Eagle Dynamics tried to make the helicopter more “realistic” as per request by the community.

Things didn’t go well but that has shown ED that they should look deeper into the whole system and they did.

As such, in the most recent changelog, we can see that, among another addition and an improvement, the new engine simulation model is being included in the Huey:

  • Added: New engine simulation model added, replacing the old one
  • Added: Hypoxia effect added to UH-1H pilot
  • Improved: Position lights dim/bright adjusted

AH-64D Apache and Mi-24P Hind

As for the Apache and the Hind, here’s what’s changed/new:

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added AGM-114L. See video created earlier: DCS: AH-64D | Radar-Guided Hellfire Missiles (COMING SOON)
  • Added Laser Spot Tracker. See DCS: AH-64D | Laser Spot Tracking (COMING SOON)
  • Added Internal Aux Fuel Tank option
  • Considerable change of flight dynamics model (WIP):
    • The range of roll and pitch control has been increased, and at the same time, the stability of the helicopter has been increased in all flight modes, including:
      • Helicopter controllability at low-speed maneuvering has been improved;
      • Increased helicopter roll stability at submaximal speeds;
      • Improved behavior in transitional modes (roll-in/out and pitch-in/out)
    • The trim position of the helicopter and controls in hover and level flight modes has slightly changed.
    • SCAS tuned for modified flight dynamics model;
    • SCAS altitude channel damping and auto-shutdown behaviour was remodelled to react at specific limit parameters of the engine and vertical speed
  • Fixed: Weight issue after heavy loadout creates control problems
  • Fixed: Crash on PLT client when CPG leaves from crew.
  • Fixed: Multi monitor - Exported displays not respecting brightness
  • Fixed: George menu does not take into account the scaling of the interface. (reticle offset left)
  • Fixed: PERF page WIND direction displays value 180 deg opposite of correct value
  • Fixed: CHAFF (T1) should be "barriered" when forced to SAFE
  • Fixed: Enemy AI does not attack AH64 if pilot is killed (heli by CPG control)
  • Fixed: Rotor lighting effect artifacts at night
  • Fixed: Export viewport - static viewport images when choosing external views
  • Fixed: TEDAC Export Viewport spills into adjacent view ports
  • Fixed: VHF AM radio can transmit in 108 - 115.975 MHz range
  • Fixed: MPD TSD Pages - Routeline doesn't include Hazards points
  • Fixed: CPG TDU blinking in Multicrew/MP
  • Fixed: Blurred rotor effect not working for CPG in multicrew
  • Fixed: CPG Nav range automatically updating to new Nav range without SLAVE being re-enabled
  • Fixed: AGM-114 quantity issue when taking control with CA
  • Fixed: Missile Constraints Box and Rocket Steering Cursor not displaying when SAFE
  • Fixed: George AI uses weapons incorrectly in some case (George AI launches one missile without lazing the target. Missile flies past. Laser does not turn on. Indications on IHADSS does not correspond to the selected mode in George AI menu.)
  • Fixed: "Back Scatter" Message with no missiles
  • Fixed: M282 rocket warhead falls outside the timeframe
  • Fixed: Wrong control layer opens in the settings, after selecting AH-64 in the simulation

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: NEXT and PREV. bind commands for R-60 launcher selector
  • Added: Quick start missions for NTTR and Caucasus
  • Fixed: Control options sometime stuck on Mi-24P Pilot-Operator category
  • Fixed: English cockpit backlight stencils conflict with Russian version stencils
  • Fixed: AI does not attack the MI-24P if pilot is killed and helicopter controlled by operator
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI menu does not take into account the scaling of the interface and reticle has left offset
  • Fixed: AC Voltmeter readings and wiring
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI warns about incoming attacks even if operator character is dead
  • Fixed: Killed Pilot character could control helicopter if Player being in operator seat and gives controls back ("C" by default)
  • Fixed: Several crashes reported by users through built-in report system