DCS SAR Server

In case you missed it, there’s a DCS server out there dedicated to SAR which is working on top of custom code, which allows you to perform these types of missions.

The team contacted us saying that there are a few new things added to it, including the ability to sling load cargo now. Cool!

DCS SAR Server

Here’s the changelog with everything that’s new on the server, which is already fully updated (you can check the details and IP below):

  • Sling load functionality and transport missions added
    We also introduced a new base type: Factories. They currently only produce medical supply which is used by Hospitals to heal patients. If a hospital runs out of supply it will still take patients, but they won’t heal and thus won’t get released - on a positive note: they also won’t die, more on that below.

    To avoid hospitals clogging up with patients make sure they have constant supply. Also: the more patients a hospital has, the faster a hospital supply level will drain.

  • Injured people now have a health status.
    SAR Units will spawn with a random health level (between 20-80%). As long as they are in the field, their health status will slowly get worse. If it takes too long to pick them up and their health drops below 0, they die and despawn.

    Likewise, a unit with better health will get released from hospital sooner and will consume less medical supply while getting healed.

  • We've swapped the infantry units for more civil looking ones
  • Airfield will now provide fuel
  • We've added more windsocks
  • There's a new hospital in Tbilisi
  • There’s a new rescue area west of Tbilisi
  • We've added two factories, one east of Tbilisi and one East of Kutaisi
  • Some Mi-8 slots to Mi-8s with half door removed (Making them lighter)
  • a few bugfixes and minor other fixes

Server details

Server name: Search And Rescue Server