DCS Gazelle for 2.0 update released

The Gazelle is one of the most controversial addons for DCS since an update broke the flight model. There are some good news: it might be back on its feet.

SA342 Gazelle for DCS - contour flight

Or perhaps "back on its skids".

(Bad) puns aside, Polychop has been working hard to fix something that the Gazelle users have been complaining for some time: the flight model.

In one of the updates, something broke and the Gazelle, suddenly, went from a brilliant helicopter to something... Less brilliant. And that got the community really upset. Some users have stopped using the Gazelle at all until Polychop released an update.

This update is now out. Users of DCS 2.0 can grab it right away and, according to Polychop, the update for 1.5 should be out next week.

Hopefully, this will restore the Gazelle to its full glory.

Sérgio Costa

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