The JTF-88 Battalion aims at providing the most realistic and immersive virtual experience to their pilots. The team is using real procedures and tactics in large-scale, custom combined PVE operations and they have founded a squadron, the 7-17th Cav, which is entirely focused on attack and reconnaissance missions

The team uses the SA342L Gazelle and the Ka-50 Black Shark but the whole unit will transition to the OH-58D Kiowa once the module is available.

JTF-88 is looking for highly motivated and dedicated virtual pilots, experienced in these 2 airframes, which must keep a high attendance of their pilots. In fact, they require their pilots to be present on 75% of all mandatory missions, which takes place every Sunday at 1745 Zulu.

If you are fully capable of flying your helicopter, employ its weapons and communicate on the radio, the team will help you.

For more information, check out their website.

DCS Squadron 7-17th DCS Squadron 7-17th DCS Squadron 7-17th DCS Squadron 7-17th