Standard operating procedure for Cowan Simulation:

  1. Learn something new or find a way to improve a product
  2. Use that new-gained knowledge and apply it to all the other products

That’s what’s happening since the beginning and that’s how Joshua still rolls.

While developing the Bell 206, Joshua has learned new techniques and found better ways to do some of his work, so he applied it to the 500E, which was updated exactly one week ago.

And now the 222 got some love as well.

Sounds and animations seem to be the major features being updated on Cowan Simulation’s helicopters but that’s not all, of course. If it’s true that we won’t find as many changes as in the 500E, the 222 is still bringing a lot of improvements and fixes.

The autopilot was completely overhauled and an ADF/RMI instrument was added, for example. And this was not easy since the panel was quite crowded already, so choices had to be made.

You can find all the details in the full changelog, of course.

To update the 222, log in at the Cowan Simulation website or the store where you got it, download it and make sure you perform a clean install.

If you don’t have the Cowan Simulation Bell 222UT/B yet, get it here.