Cowan Simulation Bell 222B for MSFS

The last (well, not exactly the last, but you probably know what I mean) model from the Cowan Simulation fleet is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can get the 222B at the Cowan Simulation website but if you prefer to use the marketplace, you’ll have to wait a bit more (how long, we don’t know). And yes, it will also be available for Xbox!

Cowan Simulation Bell 222B for MSFSCowan Simulation Bell 222B for MSFSCowan Simulation Bell 222B for MSFS

Joshua Cowan has not mentioned if the 222UT will also be migrated to MSFS, but let’s hope it does as it is the very last version/variant.

Official Cowan Simulation 222B features list

  • Free Future Updates
  • Detailed Paint Kit
  • Tested and Zeroed in by Real Pilots
  • Realistic start up procedure
  • Pilots & Passengers
  • Customizable Panel Configurations
  • 39 Paint Jobs (liveries)
  • Blade Slap and Vibrations
  • Dynamic Weight Options
  • Functional Spot Light
  • Medical Version (HEMS)
  • Luxury Version
  • Wwsie Fully Dynamic Sound Pack
  • Virtual Reality Ready
  • Realistic Flight Dynamics
  • 4K PBR Textures
  • Custom 3D instruments
  • Detailed Night Lighting