The AH-1 is one of those helicopters that you either love… Or love, really. Let’s face it, what’s not to like in that sleek-looking menacing flying machine?

Rafael, a DCS community member, and an aeronautics graduate decided to put into practice what he learned, study some C++ (brave man), and find out as much as he could about modding DCS: from the 3D model to the final product.

AH-1G mod for DCS

Once he was comfortable with all that, he gathered all the material he could on the AH-1G and applied everything he learned about the helicopter by tweaking a flight model made by Nibbylot.

According to Rafael, it will be possible to make a very faithful reproduction of the AH-1 but the problem is: how far can he go?

He has done a basic 3D model, created a framework for the project (folders, files, etc), and is currently working on the logic behind the helicopter systems, the 20mm canon, and the XM157 rocket pod.

AH-1G mod for DCS

By the way, the 3D model is being currently revamped by another person that joined Rafael in this project (Patrick) so the screenshots and video you see here are a placeholder right now. This also allows Rafael to focus on the coding part.

This is great because he has big plans for the project, but he is also counting on using other pieces and parts developed by community members to add great features to the helicopters such as multi-crew (oooooh yes), Helmet Mounted Sight/Display, custom radios, custom radar, and RWR.

AH-1G mod for DCSAH-1G mod for DCS

The community behind DCS is amazing and Rafael is very grateful for all the input and feedback as well as all the work made by other members, that will allow him to take this project a bit further.

You can enjoy a small clip with Rafael and Patrick’s AH-1G at the top of this article and the screenshots he sent us too. Keep in mind this is all WIP. Especially that model.

AH-1G mod for DCS

There's no estimated date of release but you can join their Discord server, find out what's new and hang out with the guys.