If you have been looking for a decent Mi-8 or Mi-14 for X-Plane 11, you have probably found the old versions for X-Plane (which are linked in this sentence) but you’ll realize that they are quite old and they don’t work in the newest version of the sim – at least they don’t work properly.

Not happy about it, community member Franciszek Głogowski decided to do something about it and get these two helicopters to work in the most recent version of the sim.

Unfortunately, due to the inability to get in touch with the author, Franciszek can’t share the end result. So, in order to protect the author’s original work and intellectual property, he did the second-best thing he could: a tutorial that you can follow so you can do it yourself. Just make sure you do it for your personal use only and don’t distribute those files without permission of the author.

You can find the tutorial here.