Bell 407 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

And RafaelRafoso took the matter into his own hands, by releasing a mod for the Bell 407 that fixes a few of the issues the community has been pointing out.


  1. You can overtorque now. Before, full collective would render you uhmm 85% torque. Which is unrealistic. You should be careful with your left hando so you don't overtorque the engine. Fixed.
  2. Rotor RPM. Now you can pull too much collective. In the original, no matter how much collective you pulled, the rotor RPM stayed at 100%. Fixed aswell.
  3. Original one = bad. This one = less bad. Call it fixed..
  4. Engine is working more realistically now. Still needs work. Maybe it's a limitation of the sim or my brain. I can't tell yet. More on that soon.
  5. Tail rotor more sensitive. IRL you don't need as much pedal to keep the heli going straight. Fixed too.

You can find the modification at, where you can also see the above list as well as any future updates.


Thanks to our reader, Gabriel Pombo, for letting us know about this one in our Facebook group.