Comanche for FlightGear updated to version 2

The prototype helicopter which, unfortunately, never made it to production, gains new life in FlightGear.

Comanche for FlightGear

The Comanche is a helicopter that has always be present in the imagination of all the helicopter lovers around the world.

Slick, dangerous and almost like something that came out of a sci-fi movie, it’s the combat helicopter we all wish to have seen serve. But that never actually made it past the prototype phase.

Fortunately, the Comanche has been making some appearances here and there on some sims, so we can still, at least, see it flying in the virtual world.

FlightGear is one of the sims that has been giving us these glimpses for some time and now the model has been updated to version 2.

The new version, which can be used on FG2017 or higher and the list of features/changes is quite nice:

  • All new FDM ( its Fast, Its Agile, its also stable when you need it to be ).
  • Cockpit engine displays now displaying actual engine data.
  • Added GPS + Lighting control panel to the pilots cockpit.
  • Lighting pack updated. All external lights are controlled from the lighting panel so so can go dark for those "Stealth" missions.
  • ALS Glass effects including rain.
  • All new sound pack.
  • Payloads are now viewable over MP.
  • Pilot and gunners doors are Click to open.
  • Updated main rotor animations.

You can get this free helicopter, for this free flight sim here.

Comanche for FlightGear Comanche for FlightGear Comanche for FlightGear Comanche for FlightGear

Sérgio Costa

About Sérgio Costa

Sérgio has been a flight simulation enthusiast for nearly 25 years. His passion with helicopters developed during MSFS 2000 when he discovered the complexity of these aircraft and the challenge it was to control them.

Since then he has been primarily a helicopter flight simmer, trying his best not to crash and kill all his virtual passengers.

Sérgio is's editor and writer and one of the Three Grumpy Simmers, a YouTube series and Podcast produced together with YouTubers Bel Geode and NovaWing24, obviously dedicated to flight simulation.


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