CLSA Iron Curtain DLC for ARMA3

“Welcome behind the Iron Curtain!”. That’s the intro of the description for the DLC that you can find on Steam which, obviously, immediately transports us to the era of the Cold War (for those of us old enough to remember it).

CLSA Iron Curtain for ARMA3 does just that and puts us “in an alternate universe of the 1980s in Czechoslovakia and its border with West Germany” where everything can, obviously go wrong.

CLSA Iron Curtain DLC for ARMA3CLSA Iron Curtain DLC for ARMA3

The DLC brings a 256 square kilometer map, 3 factions (US Armed Forces, Czech Armed forces and an independent faction), lots of new armament and 30 new vehicles, where you will find the UH/MH-60 and the Mi-17.

Check out the Steam page and find out more about this DLC. Time to get into the good old Black Hawk. Or perhaps the mighty Mi-17?