Cera Sim's next project will be the Mil Mi-17

May 14, 2017 | by Sérgio Costa
Remember Cera Sim's poll about their next project? It's now over and the community has spoken: Cera's new project will be the Mi-17.

Cera Sim Mi-17/V5Cera announced it on their Facebook page and website. The Mi-17 was the undisputed winner with about twice the votes of the second place, the Bell Huey 2.

The Mi-17 is one of the best-known helicopters in the world and the export, more muscled version of the Mi-8. It's a community favorite and , if you had any doubts before Cera's poll, you shouldn't be anymore.

There's no release date yet as Cera will only start working on the project soon.

Sérgio Costa

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