NOTE: This article was updated on December 6, 2022 with some new information sent by Camille Backmann. Camille is no longer part of SwissCreations and this plugin was completely done by him from scratch. It has nothing to do with the version Joe Hudson previewed back in 2018 as indicated below.

Camille Bachmann spent the last years (literally, years) working on this addon, which Joe previewed back in 2018. That is quite a nice preview, and it will show you through all the features of the plugin.

In a nutshell, and how Joe puts it, Alpine Hoist brings “long line and sling load operations to an entirely new level in X-Plane”.

And this is a free plugin, nonetheless, which you can use with “any helicopter with sling load capability defined via PlaneMaker”. Some helicopters, such as the X-Trident ones, for example, which require a file modification. You can check this forum thread for more information.

Plans for X-Plane 12 are unclear right now, in case you’re wondering (I know I am), so we will have to wait for Camille to say something about that.

You can get Alpine Hoist, for free, at the website.