Polychop Gazelle for DCS

The company, which has recently released their campaign for the Huey, is querying our community to learn about our interest regarding this possible future product.

Low Level Heaven has reached Polychop regarding the current status of the Gazelle and what they plan on doing regarding the so much needed bugfixes and updates. After learning about what Polychop is doing on the helicopter, LLH started to consider developing a campaign more seriously.

Being this more a labor of love for the community than an actual preference for the team, they would like to hear us out and gauge our level of interest.

As such, they have put an online survey out there and they are asking us to please participate and give them our feedback. This will only take you a few minutes to answer.

You are also welcome to join the DCS Meeting Point Channel on Discord or jump into the official forums and provide them with your own ideas.

Don’t be shy, folks. If you’re eager to try the (soon-to-be) fixed Gazelle in a new set of missions, go do your DCS duty and let Low Level Heaven know you want it!