Please note: this article will be updated in the future as the modifications below are updated or as new mods come out.

Last update: August 30, 2019

The rhythm at which some developers are releasing small modifications to improve the model is interesting and it’s quite easy to lose track of what’s what and where’s where.

The Hughes 500D is the child of BrettS, Alex Gifford and Ben Russell and, with the help of the community, it’s becoming much more than that.

Here is the official description at the .org :

This is an update to the Hughes 500D Alex Gifford, Ben Russell, and myself originally created for X-Plane v8 - at that time it was state of the art for the sim, this model still uses much of the original content - it's aged pretty well considering how many years ago that was.

Lots of flight modeling changes in the sim since then, that's where most of the work on this one was - it also has a bit more cabin detail & all 4 doors open/close/remove.

Please see the included text file for licensing, credits, plus a few tips on operating it - and don't forget to beep the rotor rpm up to 102% before takeoff.

SASL conversion by OzWookie here on the forum, since the free version of Gizmo seems to have disappeared this fixes all of the animation, without him this release wouldn't have happened!

You can get the Hughes 500D here .

You an also read our review here .

Realism enhancement mod

Hughes 500D realism enhancement mod

Joe Kipfer released a modification (which is still underway) that adds a whole list of improvements to the model, including a better startup, fully VR-compatibility and small details such as oil viscosity and others.

The list is really huge (and it’s increasing). This is a definite must-have for the 500D.

You can download the realism enhancement mod here .

Reality XP GTN750 mod

Hughes 500D Reality XP GTN750 mod

Do you own (or are thinking about getting) the Reality XP GTN750  and use it on the 500D?

Fergus Moloney, another member of our Facebook group , made that happen.

With this modification, you’ll have the GTN750 on the panel, but you can also use it on the tablet that’s attached to the side, if you flip it vertically.

Hughes 500D Reality XP GTN750 mod Hughes 500D Reality XP GTN750 mod

Please note that you will need the enhancement realism mod linked above.

Get the Reality XP integration for the Hughes 500D here .

Liveries and texture improvements

Hughes 500D livery

Joshua Cowen decided to improve the visuals of the 500 with both some external and internal texture work.

While most of the work Joshua did is cosmetic, some, such as the reflection fix has proven to improve the user experience quite a bit.

Some of these include a much better-looking cockpit as well!

Here’s a list of Joshua’s work:


2FlyReal Dynamics is an advanced plugin which introduces into the X-Plane flight model some helicopter characteristics such as translational lift, translating tendency, ground effect and vortex ring state.

It introduces blade slap and cockpit vibration sounds as well, in situations such as high-g maneuvering, fast pitch changes and approach descents.

You can download 2FlyRealDynamics for the Hughes 500D here.