BrettS Hughes 500D for X-Plane 11This model, which was built upon the old version for X-Plane 8 and it's really, a joint effort, with several community members pitching in:

This is an update to the Hughes 500D Alex Gifford, Ben Russell, and myself originally created for X-Plane v8 - at that time it was state of the art for the sim, this model still uses much of the original content - it's aged pretty well considering how many years ago that was.

Lots of flight modeling changes in the sim since then, that's where most of the work on this one was - it also has a bit more cabin detail & all 4 doors open/close/remove.

Edit: you can also download the first livery package here.

BrettS Hughes 500D for X-Plane 11BrettS Hughes 500D for X-Plane 11