In case you missed it, Blackbird Simulations is now the name for the non-professional aspect of Milviz and they have been getting into MSFS really hard.

While their Huey for the sim is being developed (which seems to be slated for release by the end of Summer – no guarantees, though), the company has announced two more helicopters coming for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the MD530F and the MH-60.

The MD530F is expected to work on the XBox but, because of that, it cannot be weaponized (which would make it a sort of a Little Bird??). Nonetheless, there will be a version with weapons, which will be sold directly by Blackbird Simulations. The company says the model is very close to release.

The MH-60 is finished both model and texture-wise and the team is working on the coding side of things. We should expect both an MH-60S and an HH-60G but with a glass cockpit, coming from the S-70 cockpit. You can also expect the ability to configure the military versions quite a bit (including a refueling boom). Blackbird made no promises on the release again, but they hope to release it this year.

Watch Blackbird Simulations State of the Sim video for February 2023 here.