Big Tire Productions R22 for X-Plane

Big Tire has finished their first helicopter for X-Plane. While it may sound weird that a company has released yet ANOTHER R22 (I hear you), this began with a sort of a pet project where Big Tire wanted to understand and learn more about helicopters, while making good use of a 3D model the found.

I understand where they are coming from and the reason behind the development of the helicopter (it’s free of huge complexities), and I see it as a way for Big Tire to not only learn about it but also understand the market and the community behind it.

The new R22 is already available at the .org (link below) and, hopefully, this will be the first of several releases by Big Tire.

I’ve taken the model for a quick spin and I must say that I like what I see so far. Expect a full review within the next few days.

Meanwhile, here’s the features list, a few screenshots and the link for the purchase page, in case you want to support the developer.


  • AAA quality 3D model & PBR textures.
  • FMOD 3D Audio
  • Detailed animation of all moving parts.
  • Mechanical throttle correlation.
  • Throttle governor; roll it on and off.
  • Accurate night lighting & reflections.
  • Garmin GNS 530 GPS + GTX330 Transponder.
  • SASL based systems code.
  • Skunkcrafts updater support.
  • Flight model developed with feedback from R22 pilots.

Big Tire Productions R22 for X-PlaneBig Tire Productions R22 for X-PlaneBig Tire Productions R22 for X-PlaneBig Tire Productions R22 for X-Plane