Belsimtek Mi-8 for DCS - gunner

The Mi-8 was considered a pre-release or early access module and now, Belsimtek is officially upgrading it to release.

According to Belsimtek a lot of stuff has been added, changed, improved and fixed such as:

  • Ability to use the AI door and rear gunners
  • Sling-load operations has been upgraded and fixed
  • Pilot manual extensively improved
  • Destructive overload was fine-tuned (gear break possibility, tail rotor breakaway), gear friction, damage system from projectiles hits tuned, crew cabin armor implemented.
  • Cockpit sound was tuned and fixed according to real Mi-8 pilots feedback.
  • Sling-load gameplay upgraded: new loads were added ( 8 so far, more to come with updates) with their dynamics tuned, sling damage upon contact with helicopter implemented, crew chief sling-load operation voice commands added.
  • AI door and rear gunners added ( Door gunned with “KORD” 12.7 mm machine gun and rear gunner with PKT machine gun 7.62 mm), with ability to play as door gunner. Different predefined settings for combined TrackIR and mouse interactions for view and machine gun controls were added.
  • Gun Camera added.
  • Special options for module were changed, including addition of joystick without springs and FFB option.
  • Pilot’s guide was reworked, every procedure illustrated, systems descriptions added (including frequently asked questions on forums), typos and inaccuracies fixed (guide colume increased by 100%).

The list goes on and on. Belsimtek has been working on the Mi-8 since 2013 and their work is absolutely stunning.

Where to get Belsimtek's Mi-8 for DCS

You can get it here.

Read more about this release here.

Belsimtek Mi-8 for DCS - sling load