LarryLynx AH-64A Apache for Aerofly FS2

Developing is not an easy task. Developing an aircraft, it’s even harder. And developing a helicopter is something for the brave.

LarryLynx, the author of the Lynx and the upcoming CH-53E for Aerofly FS2 can tell you something about that.

He has been fighting some issues and, with the help of IPACS, he is now back on track. Nonetheless, there’s still a lot to be done. As a one-man-show, these projects can be extra complicated as, well… There’s only one person to work on them.

So, what to do? It may seem odd but, sometimes, the best option is to start a different project. And that’s what LarryLynx did.

He is now working on an AH-64A Apache for Aerofly FS2!

According to him, “The Apache in theory should be more straight forward only having 4 blades and a tail that is at 90 degrees. External modelling of the Apache is complete apart from door hinges and wipers though externals still need texturing. No work as yet on either cockpits. TMD file is enough to get it into the sim and no more.

My thoughts are to push on with the Apache and keep plodding a way at the Stallion when the mood takes me as I think that will be a very long project even without the Apache getting in the way. A lot of trial and error with slow progress.”

As he progresses through the models, he is planning in splitting his time between the 2 projects to prevent burning out. Things can feel like a real chore when you work on these kinds of projects.

What does this mean to us? Well, it means we are now getting 2 helicopters instead of one! The bad news is: it may take a bit longer to get them.

But we are getting them and that’s what’s important!